Improving your leadership skills

We transform ordinary managers into extraordinary leaders.
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The Becoming a Best Boss Academy can help you

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Develop leadership skills

Learn the 12 skills that are most crucial to leading your team and getting the results and respect you deserve.
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Learn at your own pace

Make your learning more effective with self-paced online courses that are available to you 24/7, on desktop or mobile devices.
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Train your employees

Don't just train yourself. Bring your subordinate managers along and help them become an extraordinary leader like you.

Why choose us

Our training is curated from the most effective, most relevant, and most impactful sources. We weed out the 95% of "leadership" material that's wrong, misleading, vapid, or "true-but-useless."  Our 20 years of searching means you can absorb the most critical leadership lessons in less than a year.

Practical and Actionable

Every module is designed with real-world application in mind, ensuring you can immediately implement what you learn. You'll see tangible improvements in your leadership.

Customized Learning

Choose to learn only the modules you most need at any given moment. We won't waste your time teaching you things you already know, or don't need right now.

Team Focused

As a manager you're responsible for delivering results through your team. We focus on the skills you need to lead your team to peak performance.

Courses taught by expert instructor Thomas Cox

Thomas is a recognized expert at integrating the best leadership ideas from around the world. He has spent over 20 years searching out only the most helpful, actionable, useful, and effective leadership guidance from the wisest experts.

Thomas distills those ideas into compact and action-oriented guidance. 

Thomas Cox

President and Owner
Becoming a Best Boss Training and Coaching

Consulting Innovators is trusted around the globe

We’ll work together to define a roadmap to success, defining goals, identifying key performance indicators, understanding your market position and determining the best strategy for growing your business.



5-star ratings

What we offer

As business consultants, we help companies and organizations in a wide variety of industries and fields. Our services are designed to assist our clients achieve their goals and improve their performance, increase their revenue and build a stronger, more sustainable business.
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Online Learning

Learn from the best with our award-winning online courses. Gain access to our world-class education and learn from the best in the business. We’re here to help you achieve your goals. Unlock your potential.

Business Consulting

We give you the knowledge, tools and support to grow your business. We'll help you develop your ideas into a well-structured plan, and offer a variety of services to help you achieve your goals.

Process Excellence

We’ll start by getting to know you and your business better. This includes a detailed look at your current operations, including your team, processes, technology and metrics. This is only the beginning of a journey towards lasting success.

Our Courses

See what our clients have to say!

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Step up your game with this training!

This is for me a very valuable experience and I would recommend this training to other organizations.

Sara Willson

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Concise and practical content

I would recommend this training to other organizations. It is a valuable opportunity to grow as an employer and improve our workplace culture.

Andrew Jackson

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Simple to understand!

I learned a lot and now feel ready to implement these techniques into my organization. I would recommend it to other organizations. 

John Larson

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Very Professional!

It was an excellent training program, and I am very pleased. The instructors were very knowledgeable, and the content was relevant to our industry.

Jena Karlis

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