About the course

Andrew Huberman is renowned for making science-based tools accessible to the general public at zero cost. This course exists to walk you through one of his toolkits in a more structured way than just listening to his (excellent) 90 minute lecture. This course will prompt you to pause, reflect, and write your answers in a way designed to help you implement Huberman's guidance. You'll end up with an excellent goal, AND the supporting tools needed to pursue it.


Every tool in the Goal Setting and Pursuit Toolkit is practical. You should have no problem using each one.

Globally oriented

The Toolkit (and this course) are available to anyone, anywhere. 

Everyone has goals.

For your career

Your career success depends in part on your ability to set, pursue, and achieve goals. This toolkit will dramatically boost your ability to show your strengths.

Course Lessons

Thomas Cox

In 2014 Thomas created the Becoming a Best Boss℠ System -- a system that integrates the most useful and actionable guidance from dozens of the world's greatest leadership and management thinkers and writers, from Peter Drucker to Mark Horstman to Edgar Schein to Amy Edmondson. 
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